Empower Fusion




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What We Do

Total Management of your organic social media marketing utilizing engaging video content.

We can design a beautiful, yet impactful, brand kit for your company

Beautiful graphics are incorporated into your marketing content.

Intriguing, storytelling video content using psychology, neuroscience, and empathy to enthrall your target audience.

Design or re-brand fabulous, captivating websites for your business.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns using the proprietary ``Genesis`` system by Ann Gray.

Video Marketing

Stand Out

Integrity & Excellence

Our goal is to empower our clients to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  To effectively connect dynamically or create a fusion with their audience.

Thus Empower Fusion was born!

Ann Gray, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Strategy and Design Innovator, and founder of Empower Fusion, Previously Ann Gray Consulting LLC, located in Kansas City, MO, is a hybrid professional in Marketing and Branding. She combines creative design with Social Media Marketing to accommodate the era we live in with cutting-edge video content.
Ann has a Christian faith-based Boutique Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media Marketing and Branding with a team of brilliant digital marketers. Her standard of excellence, integrity, honor, honesty, loyalty, respect, ethics, knowledge, and old fashion values has caused her to rise as an expert in her field.
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